Vezené is a timeless Greek inspired bistro, serving regional dishes motivated from personal views on local traditions.  Launched in 2011 at Hilton’s then upcoming gastronomic map, it introduced the concept of a modern-day kitchen with emphasis on whole animal butchery and rare breed meats – fueled by the aromas of an open fire grill, a French bistro and a Greek nouvelle tavern. As the team puts it, "We cook for ourselves, our families, and for you with honesty and intimacy as if you were invited to our home.  We are trying to promote a new approach to Greek cuisine, one that does not draw up geographical borders but allows ample room to rewrite the chapter; one of personal cooking.”

The kitchen also serves their own version of delicious Greco Roman pies and flatbreads, and revisits, daily, classic staple dishes like pastisio tartar, lamb cheeks trachana kai goat neck fricassee. The award-winning Michelin Plate restaurant, now considered a classic, has defined the concept of comfort food and rustic bistronomy as a present-day culinary trend all in an urban chic setting with exhibitions by contemporary artists on the walls, impeccable service and an unconventional wine list with a plethora of choices in natural wines.

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